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What you need to know about B2B ecommerce

Many wholesale business owners mistakenly assume that other business owners are tech savvy enough to cope with whatever ecommerce options are provided to them - normally via some sort of portal interface which is unintuitive and hard to use. The reality is that even though you are selling to another "business" the person who is in charge of purchasing from you is still a consumer at heart. And with the user-friendly advancements happening over in the B2C ecommerce space B2B customers are starting to expect these same features when they are ordering for their businesses.

The great news is that we can provide you with all the tried and true B2B sales features as well as the latest developments that have been happening in the B2B space so that you can create the best wholesale sales tool to increase your profit.

When creating your B2B ecommerce solution it is important to keep in mind who your customers are as each sector within B2B has different needs which need to be met by your online solution.

The main differences that you need to be aware of when offering B2B ecommerce are:

  • Pricing structures. Quite often you will have customers who have access to different prices depending on the volumes that they spend with your business - B2B ecommerce needs to be able to automatically provide these discounts.
  • Payment terms. If you have both customers who have to pay up-front and those who can pay on-account, then you need e-commerce which can distinguish between these so you collect payment in the right manner. It also needs to handle any credit limits that you have set for each customer.
  • Re-ordering support. It's highly likely that your customers order a lot of their products again in the future. Your ecommerce store should provide tools which makes this re-ordering process simple from re-ordering off a previous invoice, right through to providing quick order forms or setting up template orders.
  • Intuitive ordering experience. Your customers are most likely time poor therefore it is essential that your ecommerce solution allows them to easily send you their orders in the least amount of time and hassle possible.
  • Account access control. Unlike B2C ecommerce a customer should only be able to order from you once you have authorised their right to have an account. The right ecommerce store allows you to seamlessly follow your account approval process while taking up less administrative time.
  • Large catalogue support. B2B ecommerce needs to support a wider product catalogue than a B2C ecommerce does and providing access to both a powerful search and a filtered category approach allows your customers to quickly find the products they need, as well as discovering new products they want to stock. This can open up new revenue streams for your business.
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities. Your ecommerce store needs to be more than a place for your customers to enter the quantity of each SKU they want to order. We can help you to replicate your offline marketing activities into your B2B ecommerce so that you can highlight your business and increase your sales.