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Ecommerce when you sell to both B2C and B2B

In most instances a wholesale business sells to B2B customers only, but sometimes a business can open up new revenue streams by offering e-commerce which sells to both B2B and B2C customers.

This blended ecommerce approach can help to save your business money as a single e-commerce solution means one site, one set of costs and one place for maintaining everything. But blended ecommerce does require special forethought so that both customer divisions benefit and continue to purchase through your business. This is especially critical in the B2B sector as if you get the approach wrong they can become annoyed at your attempt to encroach on their customers for instance.

The needs of B2B customers are quite different from B2C customers - it is important that if you offer an combined ecommerce solution that you are adequately meeting the needs of both of these groups, otherwise you will find your ecommerce store won't have the uptake you desire.

B2C customers should only have access to your standard retail prices, they should be able to create ecommerce accounts without any restriction if they desire and should be able to purchase through your e-commerce store without being forced to sign into an account.

B2B customers on the other hand need to have access to their appropriate pricing and they have to sign in to your ecommerce store in order to receive pricing discounts. Any B2B accounts which are created need to follow your accounts approval process and not be automatically approved, as they often involve credit checks.

The ecommerce solutions that we build are fully capable of handling the division between these two groups and can even filter newsletter sign-ups appropriately so that you can extend your marketing activities by directly marketing to each division independently.

If you're wondering if your wholesale business would benefit from a combined B2B and B2C ecommerce solution or if you should keep them separate, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation free chat.