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Connect the software you run your business with

Ecommerce provides the most benefit to your wholesale business when it is integrated into the software that you are running your business with.

Take a look through the most common types of business software below and see what we can help you achieve:

Your ecommerce store can be integrated into platforms like Xero, Infusion, or MYOB. This integration removes the need for double entering orders which are sold online eliminating any possible errors and increasing your profit level as staff can focus on growing your business instead of entering these transactions.

Your customers are able to access their online accounts and see previous orders, print off invoices and even make payment of outstanding balances via a credit card.



We can connect your ecommerce into any stock management system you are using. This connection removes the need for you to manage your products in multiple locations which eliminates errors and saves time. It also dramatically reduces the chance of overselling stock helping you to avoid customer frustration.

Your customers are able to clearly see accurate stock levels online and can adjust their orders as they need to on-the-fly.



If your business is running ERP software then ecommerce with integration will provide the benefits above as well as providing your customers with the tools they require to self manage their orders so that your staff's time becomes more profitable as they can be focusing on other areas of your business.

Customer are able to track their orders and monitor delivery and update their contact / delivery / postal details all online and without the need for your staff to intervene. You are also able to offer and track loyalty programmes, discounts and promotions on a per customer basis and have this information feed back into your software automatically.


We can integrate your ecommerce store into your preferred payment provider so that you can take credit card and direct deposit payments in a PCI compliant manner. Address and shipping validation services such as NZPost or Google mean that your customers are less likely to make mistakes when entering their address which reduces enquiries and time spent tracking down lost orders.

Your ecommerce store can be integrated into any freight calculation solution that your courier or freight company offers meaning that you are charging your customers accurate freight and removing any chance that your business is the one left paying any difference in freight, which often happens when freight is being manually worked out.


We can integrate ecommerce into email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or ActiveCampaign so that you can enhance your marketing efforts and stay connected with your customers. Analytics and testing software like Google Analytics or KissMetrics provides your business with key insights into how your customers are using your e-commerce store and what can be done to improve conversions.

In fact regardless of the software that your business is using, if you would find it helpful to have information from your e-commerce solution put into it, or information from it put into your ecommerce store then we can normally find a way to make integration possible. Contact us today so we can discuss what you're using and how we can help your business experience a security or profit boost from integrated ecommerce.