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E-commerce for your wholesale business

By 2020 research provider Frost & Sullivan have predicted that the world B2B ecommerce market will be worth $6.7 trillion and it will be double what the B2C marketplace is turning over.

It's no secret that B2B ecommerce is a great way to cut costs and grow your profits within your B2B business. Ecommerce stores when built correctly offer lower costs because you don't need manual staff intervention to complete a sale, less time spent processing orders when they come in thanks to integration, and less mistakes because integrated ecommerce removes the need for double entry of data.

In addition to cost savings measures, your ecommerce store allows your customers to see all of your product list in an easy to filter manner - something that's not always possible with a difficult to search paper catalogue or with a time-strapped sales rep. This natural exposure to your full product list can increase the size of your customers orders over time, especially when you utilise targeted cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to introduce them to products of interest.

When you look at the figures it's easy to see why B2B ecommerce is a sensible move for your business.

What is surprising is that some business owners are still relying on clunky portal type ecommerce interfaces or B2C platforms which don't offer the right feature set to grow your profits. With the advancements in user experience and available features happening over in the B2C ecommerce space it isn't surprising that B2B customers are expecting these same experiences to be available to them when they are ordering products for their businesses. If your competition has wised up and implements an ecommerce solution that meets their needs then you can expect that over time this will start impacting on your bottom line.

The good news is that by investing in the right ecommerce solution now your business will get a head start over your the rest of your competition who aren't online. Start improving your bottom line, free up your staff's time and grow your business - it all starts with one phone call to us to chat about your needs.