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Integrated ecommerce and your stock management software

As a retail business grows and becomes more profitable many business owners will look to implement a stock management system such as Infusion, Microsoft Dynamics, or Vend to help manage their stock levels so they can keep track of what's selling and ensure that their stock re-ordering process is smooth and efficient.

Just like the benefit that comes when you integrate ecommerce with your accounting package, you can experience many benefits when you integrate your stock management software into your ecommerce store:

  • never oversell stock. If you have to manually adjust your stock levels each time your ecommerce store makes a sale then you are opening yourself up to disappointed customers who order and pay for a product which is actually out of stock because you couldn't update your online shop when you were busy doing something else.
  • improved customer service. Your customers will be confident that the products they want to order are in stock and ready to ship - this makes them more likely to complete the sale with you.
  • save time and money. You manage your product descriptions, prices and images on your stock management system as you do now and this information automatically flows into your ecommerce store without the need for you to enter and maintain this data twice.

Ecommerce integration saves your business time and money

Regardless of what business software you are using for your retail business if you have to spend time entering data into it that comes from another piece of software that you use, then you will save time and money with integration. Time and money that could be spent on other avenues in your business to make it more profitable.

Ecommerce integration can also open up ways to provide new features on your ecommerce store which are beneficial to your customers and business:

  • increased self service. Customers are able to track their order right through the picked/packed/shipped cycle and they can be emailed courier tracking codes so they can monitor delivery. This cuts down on the administration time your staff need to spend as well as providing your customer with greater peace of mind during the sales process.
  • increased self management. Customers are able to update their own accounts including their delivery address details and email subscriptions. These updates are then automatically fed back into your systems reducing customer management time and avoiding potential errors.
  • increased customer satisfaction. Discounts, promotions based on customer actions, loyalty reward programmes can be created and automatically fed back into your systems allowing you to look after your loyal customers without any additional administrative overhead.