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Integrated e-commerce and your accounting software

These days it's becoming almost unheard of to find a retail business that is not running an accounting package of some sort (Xero, MYOB, Infusion) with many retail business owners saying that the biggest benefit of accounting software is the time saving when it comes to keeping track of the financials for their business.

When you offer ecommerce your customers are able to purchase your products in a few simple clicks, but as a business owner it's then on you to make sure that you manually enter this online transaction into your accounting software so that your books continue to balance. The time you waste on this process could be better spent on other avenues in your business which are more likely to make you profit.

When we integrate your accounting software into your ecommerce store you can:

  • remove the need for double entering your data. Instead of wasting your time, any orders placed on your ecommerce store are automatically transferred into your accounting software.
  • save money over time. Instead of spending valuable time on administrative duties you can spend more time making profit.
  • experience fewer errors. When you rely on someone to manually enter data you become prone to introducing mistakes in the form of the wrong quantity, transposed numbers, or incorrect products, integration provides a consistent, fast, error-free result every time!

We can integrate most accounting packages into your ecommerce store

Whether you are running Xero, Infusion, Microsoft Dynamics AX, MYOB or any other accounting package we can integrate your ecommerce store into it either by API or via an agent which runs on your server. We will configure the integration process to suit how you manage your business processes and we can even provide real-time syncing if you desire.

In addition to pushing new orders into your accounting package, we are able to pull previous or offline orders from your accounting package so that your customers can use your ecommerce store to view them and save you from having to supply these.

We can also provide functionality so that any on-account customers can make payment of outstanding invoices via credit card or direct deposit and this can automatically sync with your accounting package saving you manual processing time and speeding up your accounts receivable process.