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Ecommerce has been embraced by New Zealanders. What about your business?

56% of New Zealand consumers are choosing to shop online according to Nielsen's 2013 online retail report. That's 1.9 million potential customers, almost 500,000 of whom have made 11 or more online purchases over the course of a year.

If you don't offer ecommerce for your customers yet that's a lot of potential profit you are simply handing over to your competition. The good news is there's still plenty of room in the market space for your retail business to offer ecommerce and make money.

We can provide your business with ecommerce that is:

Customer focused Your ecommerce store will be simple to use

Desktop and tablet friendly It'll even work great on mobiles too!

Secure and reliable Keep your customers credit card details safe

Able to up-sell / cross-sell Unlock even more additional profit for your business

Customer focused ecommerce increases your profit

We have proven time and time again through the research we conduct on our Facebook page that in 90-95% of all instances the moment a customer experiences an issue when shopping online, they give up and go elsewhere. The overwhelming majority of online shoppers responding to our questions say they don't hold enough loyalty to a retail outlet to let them know when they experience problems purchasing online from them. In fact, only a small handful said they would try another avenue to complete the purchase such as phoning or emailing the business.

These days winning and keeping customer loyalty has become one of the biggest stumbling blocks that online retailers are facing.

So with that in mind, it is crucial that the ecommerce solution you choose has been created by ecommerce developers who know how your customers think and how they want to shop with your business. We employ a full-time usability expert to ensure your new ecommerce solution guides your customers through your online shop from finding a product to successfully paying for it in the smoothest way possible, just as your staff do in a traditional bricks and mortar environment. This results in an ecommerce experience which is simple, hiccup-free and pleasant - all of the things which lay the groundwork for creating a new repeat, loyal customer.

If you've been thinking about offering ecommerce for your retail business feel free to contact us to chat about your needs.