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B2B and B2C can exist side-by-side happily

Impres are all about finding and supplying the best giftware, packaging and event supplies to their customers. Over the years they have cultivated a customer base which is contains both retail customers who are looking for unique giftware and homewares, as well as wholesale customers who are looking for quality products to stock.

The challenge was to create an ecommerce store which provided all of the standard features that a retail ecommerce solution provides alongside the specialised functionality that wholesale ecommerce offers in a way that would encourage retail purchases without stepping on the toes of the current and future wholesale customers. We have achieved this by providing a single ecommerce store which offers an approved access only solution for wholesalers which provides the additional functionality that they require. This ecommerce solution is integrated into Infusion which gives Impres all of the benefits of integrated ecommerce.

The use of a darker colour for the promotional area helps to draw a customer's eyes to products which are currently on special or new.

Account creation all wrapped up

When you provide retail ecommerce, the account creation process is simply an optional extra that allows a customer to save time during the checkout process and access details of previous orders. Wholesale ecommerce on the other hand often requires an approved process to be followed often involving credit checks and potential wholesale customers should not be granted access to the product catalogue until their account has been approved.

The use of a simple pop-up when a customer selects to create an account helps to easily direct them to the right account creation process. The pop-up avoids using the words 'wholesale account' because this can encourage retail users to attempt to obtain a discount that they wouldn't normally be eligible for and helps to cut down on the vetting of unsuitable applicants.

Our wholesale ecommerce store for Impres collects relevant details and notifies the appropriate staff member so that the approval process can begin. Acceptance of an account happens with a simple click of the mouse and the account can then be automatically fed back into an ERP or CRP (like Infusion or Microsoft Dynamics for instance) without a staff member needing to manually enter customer details.

When B2C and B2B ecommerce is provided in the same store we are able to direct customers to the correct account creation process using plain language so that they are able to create the account which makes the most sense for their situation. In these instances the B2C accounts are created automatically within the ecommerce store and the B2B accounts follow the business directed process upon being submitted.

The right price keeps everyone happy

Wholesale pricing can often be a tricky thing when you create an ecommerce store for your business. The ecommerce solutions offered by developers who specialise in retail ecommerce lack the pricing structure support that your wholesale customers require.

Our ecommerce stores like the one we built for Impres are able to support multiple pricing structures and discounts. We can support volume based pricing, special pricing offered to customers in certain groups, discounts on certain products, arrangements such as free shipping for certain customers, even exclusive product ranges for certain customers. We can provide support for customers who are pre-pay, on-account, or on-account with a credit limit - including stopping the ability to purchase when it is exceeded or allowing credit card payments for part of or all of an order if it is over their credit limit.

If your wholesale business offers any kind of discount or special terms, then we are the right company to make sure that your ecommerce store is built to offer the same functionality.