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Ceres Organics Trade Portals

Ceres Organics was created from a mother's desire to feed her two sons organic food; food which wasn't readily available in many stores at that particular time. The idea was so successful that the initial fresh produce stand quickly esculated into a small shop and then with hard work and clear goals has become the grocery distributor and household name that is so familiar today. Ceres Organics not only manufacture their own brand of organic food ingredients, but they also distribute other carefully selected brands around New Zealand and Australia.

The brief was to create ecommerce trade portals that could be used by organic and health food stores, speciality stores and co-ops to replace the existing portal which was no longer working reliably across different internet browsers. The solution had to be fully mobile adaptive in that it needed to work seamlessly on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. It had to offer the right amount of functionality for each device and above all else, had to be simple to use so that orders could be created and submitted without issue.

Adding additional checks such as requiring a customer number to be entered during the log in process provides additional security to your wholesale ecommerce store.

Customised search provides more options

When you offer a large product catalogue like Ceres Organics it can make finding products harder for their customers. We are able to provide options for ecommerce search which suit how your customers want to be able to search your product catalogue. Options like the ability to filter the catalogue by any number of options, text search which responds to partial words or even SKUs, slider bars which allow a customer to find products within a certain price range, to see in-stock items or even items in a certain branch.

We can also provide options to allow search results to be ranked by the specific criteria that your business needs (for instance items containing a word in their product name show ahead of items where that word is contained within the description) as well as providing the customer with the ability to view product results in a grid or list view, or to rank the results via relevancy, price, or stock availability.

The search options for our ecommerce stores are fully extendable and we can help you to add new search options over time as your online sales channel grows.

Offering customers an advanced search which contains sensible options is a great way to ensure that products in your catalogue can be found more easily.

Ecommerce integration saves time and money

The ecommerce solutions that we build are able to be integrated into any number of business applications so that a business can increase their profits and reduce the amount of manual intervention required by their staff. In this particular case we integrated the trade portal into Microsoft Dynamics via the use of an agent which sits on the AX server and syncs to the website in near real-time.

The portal itself performs the majority of the work and communicates back to Dynamics as required. This provides a portal solution which is snappy to use, but still offers all of the benefits of integration such as correct stock availability, product management via the ERP solution, orders being pushed directly into Dynamics, all of which reduce the amount of time that staff need to spend manually updating stock or orders. This allows orders to progress into the picking/packed/dispatched cycle much faster and reduces the number of enquiries to customer services as customers receive emails from the portal instead.