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Mouthwatering e-commerce meets slick usability

Makana Confections run two boutique chocolate factories in New Zealand and there is nothing better for convincing a customer to purchase than walking through the front entrance of one of their stores and taking in the delightful smells of their amazing confections being made right before your very eyes. Then once your tastebuds have experienced the free samples which they offer to every customer, it's not surprising if you find yourself quickly heading for a shelf to purchase packets of handcrafted delights to take home for indulging upon later.

The challenge when creating an ecommerce store for a business which focuses on delighting the senses is that it's impossible to invoke the sense of smell online! We did however set out to create an e-commerce store which made customers tastebuds start watering from the moment they entered the website. This has been achieved through the use of a large melted chocolate graphic, enticing visuals and warm colours.

Visually appealing banners not only welcome a customer into the ecommerce store, but also promote the special promotions which are currently available.

Up-selling opportunities make for confectionary heaven

The ecommerce store has been crafted to take advantage of many of the up-selling features we provide which serve to entice customers into adding 'just one more item' into their shopping basket resulting in additional profit for the business.

These up-sell features include a distinctive 'product successfully added to cart' pop-up which shows customers a small selection of other appealing products which can be easily added with one click of the mouse. We make this feature more successful by combining it with a free delivery offer - in this case when the total spend through the e-commerce store is over a certain dollar amount. The pop-up helpfully informs the customer how much is left to spend in order to qualify for this free delivery offer.

Visually appealing up-sell functionality can entice a customer to add additional products to their shopping basket, especially when they are close to receiving free shipping. These products can be instantly added with the click of a mouse.

A standard feature of many ecommerce stores is to collect email newsletter sign-ups so that external targeted marketing campaigns can be running increasing sales. We have helped to craft a value-added solution to this standard approach where customers can see an immediate and tangible benefit to joining. In addition to the club sign-ups provided on the ecommerce store, we have provided solutions which allow a customer to sign up to the club when they are physically in the store by simply entering their name and email address into a tablet. The customer is then welcomed via an email and can complete the rest of their account sign-up at their leisure. This integration has removed the need to manually enter email addresses onto the store's mailing list.

Complex checkout requirements made simple

The checkout process on any ecommerce store is often the place with the most potential for customers to get distracted or give up on the sale as it often involves them having to spend a lot of time typing out details. We strive to provide a checkout process which is as simple as it can possibly be, while still collecting all of the information a business requires.

The checkout process we created for Makana's ecommerce store splits each section into smaller snippets which are easily digested by a customer - this approach helps to reduce any feelings of potential overwhelm. Newsletter and account creation tick-boxes have been renamed to instead provide the benefit to the customer for ticking these rather than the standard 'join our mailing list' text. This increases conversions of these options as customers can see the benefits for them rather than simply signing up to be spammed. Tooltips and additional information help to assist the customer to enter the correct information on the first attempt which cuts down on potential errors and order abandonment due to frustration.

Breaking a complex checkout into easy to digest sections helps a customer to not experience overwhelm while finishing their order. Tool tips, sensibly labelled fields and extra information all help a customer to understand what information is required and help them to successfully complete the checkout process.