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Corporate style that still knows how to have fun

Carlton Party Hire has expanded over the years to become a leading supplier of party and hospitality rental products. They are the company that you turn to when you are hosting any kind of event or wedding and need to source things to eat with, eat at, cook with, sit on, dance to, or be entertained with. They have the in-house expertise to ensure that you will get the right advice so that your event is a success. In addition to their North Island branches supplying party hire services, Carlton also run three futher brands which allow them to service all major events in Auckland, assist with all wedding / civil union hire needs, and provide marquees / temporary structures which will suit any crowd size or requirement that you have.

The brief for this ecommerce store was to provide a solution that was simple to use, provided multi-branch support and was professional, but still provided a little personality as to be memorable. We set out to create an ecommerce store which felt fresh and modern and showcased each of the four different brands while keeping a consistent style across the entire store. This has been achieved through the use of bright inviting colours and graphics as well as collating the content into branded sections.

The use of bold colours combined with a fun font choice help to create a homepage which is memorable and inviting from the moment a customer visits it.

Multi-branch support provides better customer service

Our ecommerce solution for Carlton is able to support multiple branches or a franchised model. This provides customers with a choice of pickup location that is convenient to them or to order from a branch that has the items in stock. Providing customers with this choice results in them being more likely to stay on track and complete their purchase with your company rather than seeking out the competition. It also allows a business to include all independent branches within the ecommerce store with all branches / franchises being provided an equal footing and opportunity to sell products.

In a multi-branch scenario it is important that a customer is able to instantly see that they have a choice of branches to shop with and to be able to easily select their preferred branch.

Branch administrators are provided access to an individual admin portal where they are easily able to update their branch contact details, as well as control the order, promotion, or visibility of products shown within their individual stores. This reduces the administrative load on the head office staff as branch admins are able to complete this process independently and with ease. Head office staff have the ability to control individual branch access as well as to approve / modify branch details as all times. These tools allow for operational oversight to be retained and utilised if required without involving the expense of a developer.

All orders or enquiries are automatically directed to the right branch who can follow up with the customer as neccessary. This approach allows branches to get on with the business of making money without needing head office to intervene to 'unlock' a waiting order.

Saved orders lead to less time wastage

When customers need to spend time creating an order due to its potential size then a great way to reduce potential cart abandoment is by offering the ability for them to grow their carts over time and submit the order when they are ready. This is especially helpful for businesses like Carlton who supply products to be used at a certain time or for a certain event.

A customer may not have all of the details on hand, or even know everything that they want to order when they first visit your ecommerce store so providing this feature allows orders to be crafted to their exact requirements as they are decided up. This means that when orders are submitted they are more likely to be in a 'complete' state which reduces the amount of back-and-forth that sales staff need to spend with a customer.

We can combine this feature with a 'submit for a quote' type checkout where no payment exchanges hands until after the customer is happy and accepts the final confirmed price. This provides event based businesses with the ability to offer ecommerce without any of the risks of needing to honour an out-of-date price.

Providing customers with the option to save and resume orders where appropriate means that they won't feel frustrated when they realise that after spending ages crafting an order that they haven't decided upon a couple of choices and there's no way to keep what they have meaning they'd have to start from scratch.