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Elegant simplicity showcasing bespoke products

BeautifulMe NZ was launched with a desire to create an ecommerce store which included the best hand-picked products from boutique New Zealand manufacturers and to give these business owners the opportunity to showcase their unique products without the expense of creating an individual ecommerce store of their own. The result is an ecommerce store which includes a unique selection of beautiful handcrafted clothing, regional food items, and ethical organic skin care and medicinal products.

The brief for this ecommerce store was to provide an uncluttered design so that the beauty of the products offered as well as the iconic New Zealand imagery was unimpeeded. We have accomplished this through the use of clearly defined spaces and the subtle use of the colour green throughout the store and branding ties back into the clean, green, organic, New Zealand feel that was desired.

A simple clean design can help your products to stand out while still getting your message across.

Combined product options reduces visual clutter

A large product catalogue can become overwhelming quickly, especially when that catalogue essentially contains the same products over and over again just in different sizes or colours. Our ecommerce solution for BeautifulMe NZ is able to group specific products together so that a customer is able to see a single product from which a size or colour selection can be made easily. This reduces the visual overwhelm and is more likely to result in an online sale.

When your product catalogue contains a lot of items which are essentially the same but just a different colour or size then grouping these products together helps to reduce visual overwhelm for your customers.

Management of these grouped products is the same as non-grouped products so a business owner is provided the freedom to mark certain sizes out of stock, or reduce / increase the price of a particular colour without it impacting on the rest of the products within the grouping. Our ecommerce solution has a powerful in-built product management system which allows a business owner to easily manage their products offered within their ecommerce store at any time from within a website browser.

Free delivery to delight customers

Free delivery is a powerful way to increase sales on many e-commerce stores as customers would rather spend money on the products themselves instead of on delivery. Up-sell opportunities exist to a business owner when free delivery is offered as a reward for spending over a certain amount with the store. To get the most benefit from a free delivery up-sell a business owner should set the limit so that it can be reached by purchasing 2-3 average items from the store as this is a level that most customers feel comfortable extending themselves to.

Our ecommerce solution for BeautifulMe NZ clearly promotes free delivery up-sells so that customers are always aware of the required amount to 'unlock' their reward and we make it easy for additional products to be added to a customer's shopping cart ensuring more profit from the sale.

Adding a reminder during the shopping cart process helps a customer to see when they are close to redeeming their free freight reward - this can be a powerful motivator for them to continue shopping thus increasing your business' profits.