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What Makes Customers Abandon You 66% Of The Time?

21 Apr 2016

We spend a lot of time talking about the specific changes you can make to your ecommerce store in order to lower your cart abandonment rate. The reason for this is because running an ecommerce store is a reasonable investment, both in terms of money and your time. The sad fact is that on average for every 3 potential customers that visit your online shop, only one of them will successfully complete a purchase. But the good news is that often there is a simple solution available that can help to lower your cart abandonment rate and even dropping that rate by a few percent can make a big difference to the amount of profit your ecommerce store makes.

In this article we look at some of the most common reasons why ecommerce store carts are abandoned.

Shipping costs...it always comes back to the cost of shipping

In pretty much every online survey the cost of shipping always comes out as the number one reason why an online shopper abandons their potential purchase. A 2012 survey by WorldPay list shipping costs as the reason for over 56% of online shoppers abandoning their cart.

Free shipping is the ultimate draw card - a ComScore study found 61% of online shoppers will abandon a cart if free shipping isn't available. But that's not to say it's your only option - for instance offering free shipping over $x is becoming increasingly popular as a great way to increase the overall spend of each customer while keeping cart abandonment rates low. In fact a UPS and ComScore survey revealed that 60% of customers have happily added additional products to their cart in order to 'save' money by not having to pay for shipping.

See more on how free shipping can increase your online sales.

Other less well known causes of cart abandonment include...

There are a ton of reasons why people abandon carts. Some are out of your control; for instance power cuts or a hearing the shattering of a glass in the kitchen because your child has decided today was the day they would get their own glass of milk!

Many of the reasons come back to simple mistakes that ecommerce stores make because the business owners who run them simply realise the impact doing it that way has.

These mistakes include: