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Can A Simple Estimate Help Reduce Abandoned Carts?

02 Jun 2016

In the past we have discussed the various shipping options which are available to ecommerce stores and how they can impact on ecommerce cart abandonment rates. The problem that many online retailers face is that unless they are able to offer free shipping or a flat rate for all purchases, then they risk abandoned carts because too often the only way for a customer to find out what their shipping cost is likely to be is after that have already completed half of the checkout process.

This is because if an online store uses any sort of calculated shipping or flat rate based on a region system, then in order to provide an accurate delivery cost the ecommerce store has to have collected the delivery address. This is a problem because 37% of consumers participating in a UPS/ComScore study have abandoned a cart because the shipping costs were listed too late during the checkout process.

Some ecommerce stores have attempted to solve this by adding a 'shipping from' line to their carts, but this will only tell a customer what the lowest shipping amount is which can lead to disappointment if for instance the customer is located in a small, rural town and is making a heavy order. Solutions like this one help to cause the 58% of abandoned carts which happen when the customer finds out the total purchase price was more than they expected due to a higher than expected shipping cost.

How providing a simple shipping calculator helps

The easiest way to provide a more accurate shipping estimation is to provide a little calculator as part of your shopping cart page. Something which collects a postcode or region where the customer is located and if they need rural delivery or not. Then you can use this information along with the cart contents to provide a more accurate expected shipping cost - one which will be more closely aligned to what they are likely to receive when they proceed through your checkout process.

This results in less surprises and therefore a lower chance of a cart being abandoned due to the shipping cost once they have entered your checkout process.

If you have any questions about how to create an ecommerce store with lower cart abandonment rates, please feel free to contact us; we're happy to chat about what we can achieve for your online store.


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