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How To Reduce Ecommerce Cart Abandonments With One Address Trick

07 Apr 2016

It's hard work making profit from an ecommerce store - cart abandonment rates now average 68.63% and there are ecommerce killers lurking around every corner. But the good news is that there are a lot of small changes that can make a big difference to the amount of cart abandonments your ecommerce store experiences.

In this article we look at what impact how you collect addresses during the checkout process can have on how much profit your store makes.

Most ecommerce checkouts follow the same pattern

Most ecommerce stores follow a set pattern with their checkout process; firstly they ask their customers to provide their name, contact and address details. Then they ask them to repeat this same information so the store knows where to deliver the order.

Some ecommerce stores try to make things easier for their customers and offer a tick box so a customer can 'copy address from above' or they offer a selection which allows a customer to choose whether they want their order delivered to the address they've already entered, or to a different one.

A typical ecommerce store asks a customer to fill out their address and also provide their delivery address. Because this is often the same information some stores try to be helpful by including a 'copy address' type option so the customer doesn't have to enter the data twice.

What’s the problem with collecting address information twice?

According to a 2012 WorldPay survey 21% of cart abandonments were because the process was taking too long.

Making your customers resupply information they've already provided is a great way to increase their frustration and ultimately lead to cart abandonment.

How to avoid these cart abandonments

The easiest way to avoid these sorts of cart abandonments is to make sure you don't ask your customers to fill out any information that you don’t actually need, and certainly don’t ask them to provide that information more than once!

A good question to ask yourself is why? Why are you collecting your customer's address details?

If the customer wants their order delivered to a different address, then what’s the point of providing you with their home address? If the customer wants to use their address, then what’s the point of providing you with that information twice?

In most cases the answer is that you simply don’t need this information to complete the sale.

Instead, we recommend you alter your checkout process to collect:

  • Basic customer information such as their name and contact details (with the purpose of contacting them if there is an issue with their order)
  • More comprehensive delivery information such as a name, phone number and address (with the purpose of delivering the order and/or the courier contacting the recipient if there’s a problem with delivery)

A better option is to only collect the information that you need in case there is an issue processing the order (i.e. name, phone and email), then your customer only needs to enter a single address which instantly makes your checkout process much shorter.

Doing this will provide your customers with an easy to understand checkout process, that not only feels shorter and therefore is faster to complete, but actually is! And that will go some way towards keeping the 21% on your site and actually completing their purchase.