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Other Services

In addition to the ecommerce stores that we specialise in, we also provide online application development services to companies who are looking to improve their business.

Often when a business first starts to grow a business owner will look for individual applications which offer what they need at that particular time, for instance reports or complex calculations might be run using Excel, or accounts might be handled through an accounting package while stock management is handled via a spreadsheet. Over time it becomes quite time intensive when these different applications need access to shared data because a staff member will need to enter data into one application and then retype this data into another application and so on.

We can create online applications which essentially become the 'heart' of the business, a place where data is gathered and feed into the supporting systems that require it, a place that performs any manual calculations or business processes removing the need for a staff member to spend time performing these tasks. Time which could be better spent on profitable activities within the company. We can also create unique online applications which can allow your business to offer a new service or upgrade an existing one. This custom development can unlock new profitable activities for your business.

Let us help you to:

Improve staff efficiencyRemove time consuming double data entry

Create a seamless workflowData flows without manual intervention

Improve your business processesRemove obstacles to business growth

Increase your profitLess intervention, less mistakes made = more profit

Examples of what we can do

See below for a couple of examples of the sorts of online applications we've helped to create.

Infrastructure Data is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform which combines data management and reporting modules to allow their clients to collect data from a wide range of sources, analyse and report upon it. The powerful platform is extremely simple for operators to use and yet affords administration staff no limit in functionality to the way that the data can be manipulated. The platform allows a new company to be set up on the system in as little as 1 - 15 working days.

We were responsible for creating the base platform and all subsequent modules that are available within Infrasturcture Data including a mobile application for gathering data in the field.

Safer Communication and Safe Practices Charitable Trust (SCSP) work to encourage positive behaviour in young people through a unique blend of innovative e-learning tools. These tools allow students to use real life video examples to experiment making choices around drug and alcohol use, tagging, and bullying (physically, mentally, sexually and cyber) to see what choices lead to what outcomes. This low stakes learning model gives young people the ability to experience real life situations in a low stakes environment so that should they encounter these situations in real life they are aware of what is likely to happen if they do and say xyz. This leads to better outcomes for all involved. The SCSP programme is available to all high schools free of charge.

We were responsbile for creating an interactive portal which teachers and students could use to complete this training programme online. We were also responsible for the photography and artwork of the portal.The platform integrates into Skilitics which provides a platform for e-learning walk-through games to be created.