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We're the team that loves to sell...

...loves to help you sell your products that is!

We're passionate about ecommerce and the benefits that integration can bring to your business both in terms of security and an increase in profit. It's this passion which has lead us to develop our own ecommerce solution which gives you the ultimate freedom when it comes to developing your ecommerce store. If there is a specific piece of software that you want to connect to your store, or a certain way your store has to operate, or a specific feature that you want your ecommerce solution to have then we can craft this for your business without any form of limitation.

The bespoke custom ecommerce solutions that we offer mean that your business benefits from all of the good stuff and isn't slowed down from the baggage of extra features that you don't need or want.

Who we are

Our team is made up of 6 dedicated ecommerce professionals:


AnneMarie; Account Manager & Website Usability Expert

As a website usability expert it is my job to spend hours researching the latest trends in ecommerce solutions, looking at how users interact with them, whether they will bring a positive or a negative benefit to your business and then work out how to implement the best approaches for each store. At the beginning of every job I sit down and documented all of the places that a customer will be interacting with your ecommerce store and what the best approach for dealing with that touch point will be. This process happens before design or development starts and ensures that at all times during the creation of your ecommerce solution that the focus is always on creating the easiest solution for a customer to use. It's this focus which creates ecommerce that is simple to use and makes money.

I'll also be your point of contact during your ecommerce store build, so should you have any questions before or while we're building it for you please feel free to contact me.


Nathan; Senior Developer

As a senior developer I tend to handle the complexities within each ecommerce solution. I am responsible for crafting the specific integration solution that your business requires as well as creating any unique feature that your business needs. I've been programming for the last 26 years and over this time have built up a great wealth of knowledge due to the variety of projects I have been involved with. I am also responsible for running in-house training programmes to ensure our team stays highly skilled with the latest best practices and maintaining our ecommerce hosting platform so that your store is always online and available to sell your products.


Yury; Senior Developer

As a senior developer I am here to create any unique requirements of your ecommerce solution. I am passionate about creating great code and I love challenges! I've recently moved to Christchurch from Russia and am looking forward to experiencing kiwi culture.

When I'm not at work you can find me playing games, listening to music or exploring what Christchurch has to offer.


Jonathon; Front-end Developer

As a front-end developer it is my job to take the designs which Amanda creates and I turn them into a fully functioning ecommerce store. I've been creating ecommerce stores for the last 10 years and really enjoy the unique differences that each store has. My friends tell me I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so rest assured that any solution I build will be sturdy and long-lasting!

When I'm not at work you can find me playing games, listening to music or jogging around the Christchurch CBD.


Amanda; Ecommerce Store Designer

As your ecommerce store designer it is my job to take the wireframes that AnneMarie creates and turn them into an appropriate design for your business. To do this I pay attention to your branding guidelines as well as your target market to ensure that the look of your ecommerce store is consistent to your brand and appeals to those who will be shopping with you.

When I'm not at work you can find me painting, playing games or swimming.


Lois; Office Administrator

I'm in charge of the day-to-day running of the office which involves filing paper with ninja-like precision, keeping the candy stash topped up and ensuring that everyone has what they need in order to work. I'm a mother to two grown sons and a grannie to three wonderful grandchildren.

I must say that working in an office of 'young ones' keeps me on my toes and constantly learning, but they tell me they appreciate my calming nature!